Impact of Disruptive Technologies - ITWNET Survey results - DevOps - IT4IT - ITIL - COBIT - ITCMF and more covered

It is with great pleasure that we are posting the first outcome of the ITWNET Impact of Disruptive Technologies survey in collaboration with Action Research Foundation. 

The objective of the survey was to check with our members (which represent a wide scope of the best practices and frameworks adoptions in the ITC market) what were the main issues behind disruptive technologies.  At the introduction of the survey we mentioned that "challenges caused by disruptive technology are faced by every organization and all IT professionals. The demand for constant change and speedy implementation are changing the way organizations and IT professionals need to approach the business of IT management" 

And the survey draw some interesting findings such as:

1-The results indicate that despite deploying technology for managing IT services less than 6% of the respondents say that business users are happy with service management Performance reports reflect ground realities. This raises important questions and strengthens the need for IT to consider the values that they are delivering for the investment in ITSM Tools.

2-Emerging trends are also well covered, such as DEVOPS.  Since DEVOPS focuses more in the “softer” skills of IT than other practices, replying that a professional is VERY FAMILIAR means that they understand, follow and most surely apply what DEVOPS stands for.  This is interesting since nobody from the respondents find themselves experts, which means there is plenty of opportunity to grow.

3-IT4IT adoption seems to be 30% of the ITIL adoption which indicates that there is a developing interest in this new Reference Architecture in such a very short period of time since it was launched.

4-What is really interesting is that more and more organizations think on adopting agile “systems” such as the ones mentioned in question 3 (DevOps, Scrum, Lean, etc) with over 90% ready to do so.

5-Unfortunately after all the investment and best effort to align IT with the business and create business value out of the IT organization while also having the business users happy has yet to deliver the level of satisfaction expected by the business (Only 7% of the respondents said the business is happy).  Most probably a deeper understanding and usage of the new agile models, capability tools, soft skills and competences can change increase this percentage.

We are looking forward to more participation in the survey and we will also create a follow up in 2017 based on the current conclusions. 

If you feel like participating, please do so.  We are opening the survey back so we can collect more input and see if there is a variation in the results or the trend consolidate.  

Participate in the survey in the following link:

ITWNET members can download the full document results by login in with their member access (pdf posted at the end of this column). 

Please share your comments and participate !

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Geoff Harmer (22/12/2016)

Strange to see your survey title is "Impact of Disruptive Technologies". 

It makes your very well structured survey look as if it is against best practices. Did many people avoid answering because they don't think all the frameworks and standards are disruptive?

Would be better to use a title like: Assessment of the use of frameworks and standards for information technology".

You gave a careful explanation of results but with less than 100 responses the standard deviation of the results will be very large.

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