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I watched a DevOps Institute webinar recently about what’s really a favorite topic for many of us; People. It was titled Continuous Everyone: Engaging People Across the Continuous People Pipeline. I thought Jane Groll did a good job highlighting the impor...
Well, I’m still preoccupied with leveraging service monitoring intelligence as a key enabler of ITSM adoption but I kind of feel like I went over to the Dark Side. Looking back at my posts I realize it’s been since 2001 when I last worked for a tool provi...
In 2017, will you be a service management leader or a laggard? Lean and kanban service management enter the mainstream At the start of the year we make predictions about the main features of the near future. I predict that the control approach to service ...
SDI's Service Desk Standard For over 20 years now, SDI - The Service Desk Institute, has been dedicated to setting the industry standard for IT service and support and to enhancing the careers of all IT support professionals. The SDI Global Best Practic...
Why Service Desk Certification by Service Desk Institute (SDI) SDI's industry-proven and internationally recognised qualifications can help you get ahead throughout your IT support career. All qualifications are based on the SDI Professional Standards, ...
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