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NewsitemHPE completes acquisition of Nimble Storage Wouter Hoeffnagel03 weeks 6 days ago
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NewsitemITWNET NXTTCH - The ITWNET International Annual Event in its second edition Alejandro Debenedet04 weeks 6 days ago
NewsitemOracle acquires Wercker Wouter Hoeffnagel04 weeks 6 days ago
Newsitem‘Spending on IT infrastructure for public cloud will show double-digit growth in 2017’ Wouter Hoeffnagel05 weeks 3 days ago
NewsitemSalesforce launches Einstein High Velocity Sales Cloud Wouter Hoeffnagel05 weeks 4 days ago
NewsitemMicrosoft acquires container technology specialist Deis Wouter Hoeffnagel05 weeks 5 days ago
Newsitem Hyperscale operators are increasing their share of key cloud markets Wouter Hoeffnagel05 weeks 6 days ago
NewsitemWorldwide IT spending to grow 1.4 percent in 2017 Wouter Hoeffnagel06 weeks 19 hours ago
NewsitemWorldwide cloud IT infrastructure spend grew to $32.6 billion in 2016 Wouter Hoeffnagel06 weeks 3 days ago
NewsitemOrganizations will spend nearly $800 million on Hadoop in 2017 Wouter Hoeffnagel06 weeks 4 days ago
Newsitem‘Massive shift to hybrid infrastructure services is underway’ Wouter Hoeffnagel06 weeks 5 days ago
NewsitemGlobal spending on cognitive and AI solutions will grow with CAGR of 54.4% through 2020 Wouter Hoeffnagel06 weeks 6 days ago
NewsitemPurchases of BDA to grow with 9,2% CAGR through 2020 in Western Europa Wouter Hoeffnagel07 weeks 20 hours ago
NewsitemThese are the top technologies CIOs should evaluate in 2017 Wouter Hoeffnagel07 weeks 3 days ago
NewsitemAWS announces Amazon Connect Wouter Hoeffnagel07 weeks 4 days ago
Newsitem‘Worldwide spending on security technology will reach $81.7 billion in 2017’ Wouter Hoeffnagel07 weeks 5 days ago
NewsitemAlmost 1.4 billion data records compromised by dataleaks in 2016 Wouter Hoeffnagel07 weeks 6 days ago
NewsitemTechnology purchases by non-IT business units will grow faster than purchases funded by the IT organization Wouter Hoeffnagel08 weeks 16 hours ago
ColumnDevOps and Organizational Change John Worthington08 weeks 1 day ago