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NewsitemWorldwide server shipments declined by 4.2 percent in Q1 2017 Wouter Hoeffnagel02 weeks 6 days ago
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Newsitem82% of the companies believes certification has helped their Scrum practice Wouter Hoeffnagel03 weeks 2 days ago
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NewsitemRising volume of cyber attacks overwhelms security teams Wouter Hoeffnagel04 weeks 1 hour ago
NewsitemEU negotiators agree on the WiFi4EU initiative Wouter Hoeffnagel04 weeks 1 day ago
NewsitemWorldwide smartphone sales grew by 9 percent Wouter Hoeffnagel04 weeks 2 days ago
NewsitemOrganizations are concerned about security challenges posed by the growing mobile workforce Wouter Hoeffnagel04 weeks 5 days ago
NewsitemIDC: ‘Proactive and patch-independent approach is best defense against ransomware’ Wouter Hoeffnagel05 weeks 40 min ago
NewsitemSAP offers real-time information on status of cloud solutions Wouter Hoeffnagel05 weeks 1 day ago
NewsitemAtos and Dell EMC are developing an IoT service management framework Wouter Hoeffnagel05 weeks 1 day ago
NewsitemVMware introduces VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure Wouter Hoeffnagel05 weeks 5 days ago
NewsitemITIL Practitioner available in German, French, Japanese and Latin American Spanish Wouter Hoeffnagel05 weeks 5 days ago
NewsitemCisco acquires AI company MindMeld Wouter Hoeffnagel05 weeks 6 days ago
NewsitemThree actions to take to protect yourself from WannaCry ransomware Wouter Hoeffnagel06 weeks 23 hours ago
Newsitem'Artifical intelligence could turn skilled practices into utilities' Wouter Hoeffnagel06 weeks 2 days ago
NewsitemMigration to Windows 10 to be faster than previous OS adoption Wouter Hoeffnagel06 weeks 5 days ago
NewsitemAtos and Dell EMC combine forces to address growing Internet of Things market Wouter Hoeffnagel06 weeks 6 days ago
NewsitemProject managers need to skill-up to thrive in the “transformation economy” Wouter Hoeffnagel07 weeks 19 min ago
NewsitemDell EMC helps customers modernize their datacenters with new all-flash storage systems Wouter Hoeffnagel07 weeks 1 day ago
NewsitemVulnerability in Intel systems allows attackers to remotely gain access to business PCs Wouter Hoeffnagel07 weeks 2 days ago
NewsitemDDoS attacks cost organizations on average more than $2.5 million in revenue Wouter Hoeffnagel07 weeks 2 days ago
EventITWNET NXTTCH - The ITWNET International Annual Event in its second edition Alejandro Debenedet07 weeks 5 days ago
Newsitem‘Enterprise IT budgets are shifting towards hosting and cloud services’ Wouter Hoeffnagel07 weeks 6 days ago