Definitions & Glossaries
A number of different publications are available on the terminology used in IT Service Management. In the Netherlands, the Compendium of IT Management (in Dutch) was first published in 1997. A new version of the Compendium is published every year and contains a consistent series of well thought out definitions of terminology used in the area of service management. A second publication is available online and contains a listing of the terms used in ITIL. A third publication was first published in 2001 by ITSMF-UK, and contains descriptions of terms used in the IT marketplace with an emphasis on ITSM. The three publications can be characterised as follows: 1) definitions with explanation, 2) ITIL-terms, and 3) descriptions. The Compendium contains the most terms of these lists and has the most detailed definitions & explanations. The Compendium has been published in Dutch (as a separate pocket guide and in the annual Dutch IT Beheer Jaarboek, and in English, as an addendum in The Guide to IT Service Management.