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ISM: the out-of-the-box solution for IT Service Management
Successful companies cannot operate without proper IT services. Many IT organizations follow a project-based approach – the best way for organizations to get a firm grip on their service provision and demonstrate compliance with increasingly stringent legislative and regulatory requirements.

In order for the project-based approach to succeed, staff members need to use clear, co-ordinated processes, functions, work instructions and tooling. These resources are the preconditions – the key to the approach is to make proper use of them. ISM can help you do this. It delivers the resources and provides support for users.

ISM is a full management solution that is delivered out-of-the-box, providing access to a complete management portal and all the resources needed to implement a process-based approach. These resources are delivered as a standard part of the ISM Portal. Company-specific aspects are then added to localize the system to your specific organization and infrastructure. An important feature of ISM is that it can provide professional support for your work processes and service provision even after just a short implementation period, with a direct effect at service quality and customer satisfaction.

ISM is accompanied by FSM - Functional Service Management, a completeley analogous method for setting up and improving Business Informaton Management. FSM integrates seemless with ISM, and doesn't require any additional management tools. Once you have introduced ISM, it's relatively simple to introduce FSM and get in full control of the end-to-end information support for your business processes.

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