Contribute your own ideas, expertise and practices knowing that we care on each and every peace of content you entrust us with.


As a seasoned professional you have plenty of knowledge to share with peers and members of our community. The more you share the more others benefit and share back. In this way we can realise our goal to make the IT professional MORE successful.

While doing this ITWNET has created a reward mechanism based in a gamification engine that allows you to earn credits and obtain badges as you share knowledge, The more you grow within your membership level, the more benefits you get including for example the opportunity to become a speaker in one of our local country events or even internationally.


And if your blogs and news are liked by other members you can pave the road to become an IT Master and have your book published and get an exclusive author agreement with one of the most renowned publishing houses in the world.


Being a Columnist, means you will contribute original content on a regular basis. Your columns will be read by a wide audience. Not only by a bigger audience in your own discipline, but - more important - by your IT peers in other disciplines and business people alike.

As ITWNET covers all of IT and not just IT Service Management, you will be able to cover more ground with your columns.

ITWNET expects its Columnists to address this approach in their columns: discussing their topics not only from their own traditional IT position, but building bridges between the various disciplines.

Your columns can cover any IT and Business & IT topics that you find relevant from the perspective of knocking down fences between IT disciplines, explaining your peers in other IT disciplines what you have learned in your own corner of the playing field and how that may affect them. But ITWNET is also expecting you to explicitly address this in your columns.

Just do IT! Can you bring us your stories and help your peers to understand how this also affects them? Can you write over the traditional fences? Join US!

How to become an IT Master?

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