EXIN - Examination Institute for Information Science

EXIN is an independent, worldwide IT examination provider with more than 40 years of experience. EXIN is specialized in establishing educational requirements and developing examinations for all major areas in IT.

It is EXIN’s mission to improve the quality of the IT sector, the IT professionals and the IT users, by means of independent testing and certification. EXIN achieves this goal by supporting the worldwide dissemination of certification standards and best practices in IT. EXIN is well known worldwide for its certificates in IT Service Management. Currently, the EXIN exams in IT Service Management Foundation are available in 15 languages. With computerized and web-based examinations for standards and best practices such as ITIL®, ISO/IEC 20000/SQM, MOF, ASL, BiSL and TMap®, EXIN plays an important role in the development of international qualification programs.

Vendor-independent As EXIN is an independent examination institute - EXIN does not give courses itself, and is not attached to any institute - the examination results are judged objectively. No matter where students have taken their courses, the exam is the same for all and marking is fair and professional.

Up-to-date best practice EXIN is following directly on the heels of developments in the rapidly changing IT world and establishes stringent requirements regarding keeping its exams up to date. In close co-operation with international partners in the IT industry, EXIN develops educational standards for all major areas in IT. These close links with professionals in the field have put EXIN in an excellent position to keep track of actual best practice.

The EXIN portfolio is closely related to demand in the industry in general, and EXIN’s certificates reflect today’s professional requirements in the IT domain. EXIN has two approaches for the development of its portfolio. The first approach works from job roles, such as Practitioners in IT Service Management, towards specific certificates. The other approach starts with well-known standards (such as ISO/IEC 20000) and works towards job role-related certificates (such as consultant). In general, EXIN offers a wide range of foundation certificates for a broad target group. The higher-level certificates are the building blocks for professional development.