ITWNET uses the social platform Listly for managing a set of indexes on various products.

You can register your preference for a product, your expertise, and your experience with each product. Registration of (additional) products is free and supported by the list. Over 600 helpers keep the lists active and updated.


  • ITIL tools -The most complete list of tools that support the application of ITIL best practices.. Over 400 tools are listed. The list has received over 60.000 visits.
  • Free helpdesk tools for ITIL/ITSM - A long list of open source or freeware tools for managing ITIL/ITSM practices. Almost 100 tools are listed. More than 50.000 visits...
  • BPM tools for administrating organization and process - BPM tools (publishing tools) are used to register the organization in all its facets, and the processes procedures and work instructions, as well as all standards and other documents. Over 100 tools are listed. More than 60.000 visits.
  • Enterprise Architecture tools - The enterprise architect's toolkit.
  • Open source Enterprise Architecture tools - The enterprise architects FREE toolkit.
  • SIEM tools - SIEM combines SIM (security information management) and SEM (security event management) functions
  • GRC tools to manage your ISMS - Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) tools are used for managing your Information Security Management System and other compliance goals. Over 40 tools are listed.
  • Management games and simulations for ITSM - Games and simulations that support the understanding of IT best practices or standards like ITIL, ISO20000, ASL, BiSL, Prince2, PMBoK etc. Over 40 games are listed.
  • Add-ons for ITIL - Tools and products that add functionality to call-handling tools supporting ITIL/ITSM. A handful of items are listed.


  • Maturity models: There are many different ways to express the relative maturity of an organization. There are 8 models listed, including CMMI, COBIT, P3M3, etc.
  • Alternatives to ITIL: ITIL is still a hype, but several alternatives are now offering effective solutions that take us further on the road set by ITIL. Some 20 alternatives are listed, including COBIT, the ISM Method, USMbok, and many others.
  • Books on ITIL and ITSM - a list of the most important titles
  • Instructive videos on ISO20000, ISO27001, TOGAF, PRINCE2, COBIT, ITIL & ITSM


  • ITIL jokes: When something is extremely popular, you'll always find plenty of jokes about it. ITIL is no difference. Add your joke, vote for your favorite, or just have a good laugh... The world is serious enough as it is ;-)
  • ITIL bloggers: ITIL is subject to many great individual's blogs, expressing enthusiasm, criticism, news, and much more. Read the postings from these ITIL bloggers and stay in tune with the latest on ITIL! Over 70 bloggers are listed, including the IT Skeptic, Stephen Mann, James Finnister, and many others.
  • Management is.....: Fill in the dots! What is the meaning of 'management' to you? What did you experience? How would you express it? Fill in the dots, and share your views, or vote for your favorite!
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