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Action Research Foundation ARF. is a Boutique ITSM Enterprise Architecture Studio, founded in the year 2006. ARF has evolved into a recognised thought leader in the IT Operating Model transformation space and a practitioner in mentoring 'Organisational Transformation' for IT Departments to systematically build capabilities and adopt a Service Oriented, IT Operating Operating Model for multi-sourced service delivery.

To transform IT, transform your PEOPLE
ARF motto “Improve quality of life by improving capability”.is part of the DNA of the organisation which subscribes also to the "happy @ work" ideal to make a professional a better one.
Improving 'Quality of Life' by Improving 'Capability' means that capable people are happier at work since they are more conscious of what they need to do, who to do it with, which will the results be for them and the organisations, etc.
When people are happy at work, the organisation's customers benefit, the company in itself benefits, their human resources benefit and ultimately even family life benefits and the society that they live in, benefits, making a perfect balance of oneself.
People who make a living from providing 'Information Technology Services' are a crucial asset to our society; now and in the future. When 'Organisational Demands' pull in one way and 'Individual Needs' the other, people end up doing the bare minimum to get along.
On the other hand when Organisational demands align with people needs, magic happens they move into an innovation space, happiness becomes visible as do the values devolved to the stakeholders.

How does ARF do it?
ARF focuses in simple, all-sense, and really powerful services based on years of experience and the best known practices and frameworks of the IT market today, such as TOGAF™, IT4IT™, SFIA™, ITIL™, ISO, COBIT™, Kotter’s Organisation Change Model, Shewhart’s PDCA Cycle, Porter’s Value Chain, Lateral Thinking, Skills framework for the Information Age and others. In doing so, ARF has developed a unique service that:
1-Aids IT Departments for visioning required future states of their IT Operating Models:
2-Enable IT Departments to systematically build capability increments and become, a much needed, 'Specialist Technology Broker" who meets evolving needs of the Business
3-Enable People working in these organisations, to reach happiness at work, by visualising their Life-Time career path in terms of their Professional Capabilities and aspirations.

FleXMode™ - Architecture Driven Transformation Services
The FlexMode™ paradigm shift framework, the cornerstone of ARF methodology, has evolved over multiple intervention engagements and today is one of the few tested and proven methodologies to bring together a multidisciplinary approach managing Strategic Transformations.
FlexMode™ uses innovative techniques to rapidly establish staged capability paths; collaborating with the staff to transform from legacy mechanic shop 'Technology Silo IT Operating Models" and move to establishing a customisation studio Service Oriented IT Operating Model, required for the convergence of Business and IT in a multi-sourced; bi-modal; next generation; IT Operating Model.

To know more about ARF and its FleXMode™ services please check the following video of Sukumar Daniel, ARF CEO at this link


"IT4IT our pick as Topic of the month"

This Pocket Guide provides a concise introduction to the IT4IT™ Reference Architecture, Version 2.0, an Open Group Standard that you can buy directly at ITWNET bookstore. For more on It4IT check ITWNET BOOKS IT4IT". Tweet IT! .


For the past few weeks ITWNET has been running its first survey in partnership with Action Research Foundation. "The subject: Impact of disruptive technology."

If you have not participated yet, please follow this link to the SURVEY and fill it in and in return get some special benefits!
All ITWNET members will get a copy of the results, but as a subscribed Newsletter reader we can give you a glimpse of the direction the Survey is going, which is very interesting:

Over 66% of respondent has over 20 years of IT professionalism and 80% are in charge of leading change.
Also interesting that over 90% has adopted ITIL with over 50% using some kind of project management framework such as PMI or PRINCE2.

When asked if “Do you envisage your organisation adopting models such as DevOps, Scrum, and others?” 89,7% said yes! That is also a new confirmation of the hype around DevOps (you can read our latest column on DevOps training by Joep van Neuwstad directly from ITWNET Portal following the link on the right below Latest Columns)!

What strike us most is that even though the respondent has plenty of knowledge on IT frameworks and years of experience, over 40% are NOT confidente enoughthat your team members can grow personal competencies to meet the evolving needs of your organisation and continue to grow on the basis of current knowledge and capabilities!

To be continued!…


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