ITWNET News 17 Nov 2015

ITSM Portal is now part of ITWNET, the new Global IT Professionals Community. If you visit, you will be redirected to Your username and password will still be the same.

Why this change?
Because “Eventually everything connects”... The global community of IT professionals is scattered over many silos, each with its own identity, and each trying to survive with a mostly volunteer team to get the work done. As we’re seeing all around us, most of these organizations simply cannot cope with that in the long term. As a consequence, many organizations lose their momentum, and members look elsewhere for their desire to connect and to exchange knowledge. On top of that, “everything connects”, especially in IT, and we should learn to look over borders, working together, learning together, and being able to find each other and each other’s knowledge. For that reason, we need an umbrella organization.

ITWNET (short for IT World Net) is going to be that umbrella, not by competing with existing platforms and communities, but by bringing them together, enforcing their strengths. ITSM Portal has decided to join the initiative.

ITWNET is a sister organization of CIONET - the biggest community of IT executives worldwide with currently already more than 5.500 IT executives. CIONET members have successfully used an engagement model that encompasses a single platform, where knowledge can be shared, members can meet and build networks, and peers can look over fences to learn from each other. These CIONET members have 100.000’s of IT managers in their organizations, who should get the same opportunities. With ITWNET they are now able to do this from a single platform.

How does this affect you?
You were a member of ITSM Portal, so you’re now a member of ITWNET. No cost involved. ITWNET will offer you more than ITSM Portal could do on its own. ITWNET has a wider scope, and a far bigger community, also including experts from other disciplines than IT Service Management (ITSM). This means that you can now benefit from content, a network, and activities that have a wider scope. If you’re only interested in ITSM, you can easily limit your personal scope to that discipline. But a wider scope means that we can build bridges between IT disciplines. And in the end, that should be in your best interest.

What will this mean for you?
You can still use the portal as you did before. But there will be more interesting content, and a bigger community. In early 2016, ITWNET will release a new website, with more and better ways of supporting your individual goals. Until that time, the current portal will serve you.

ITWNET is a global organization with a global source and community, but also with local countries, organizing local communities. This means that, in time, you will be able to profit from more and better options to meet your peers, and take part in a continuous learning environment.

We count on you to contribute to our goal of tearing down the fences between IT disciplines, making IT professionals more successful, and creating better IT products and services.

Forward this notification so your colleagues and other networks can also profit from ITWNET's community. Subscription is free!

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ITWNET is the sister community to CIONET.
If you are not a member of the ITWNET community yet, you can subscribe here.
ITWNET currently has 200.000+ members in its website and in its LinkedIn groups, mostly senior ITSM experts.

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