What's the difference between a COBIT assessment and a TIPA assessment?

Steve Tremblay, a seasoned ITIL expert and TIPA trainer, was asked "What difference do you make between COBIT and TIPA for ITIL?"

Steve then explains about the fundamental difference he sees between the two, TIPA (like ITIL) being composed of activities to execute the process, and COBIT processes being composed of activities to control and manage processes.

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ITIL and MOF once seemed to be running a leap frog race, getting closer and closer towards each other with each new version. Steve describes ITIL and COBIT as two fundamentally different frameworks.

Strange enough, TIPA is based on ITIL v2, which dates back to 2000/2002. TIPA offers a process assessment framework, using the following definition of a service: "A process is a set of activities correlated or interactive which transforms inputs into outputs."

TIPA describes 10 ITIL v2 processes, several of which didn't - and still don't - really comply with this process definition. Capacity Management, IT Finance Management, Availability Management etc. clearly were not defined and described as processes, but as functions using several processes for their specific goals.
ITIL v3 and ITIL 2011 made that even more clear. ITIL 2011 now talks about its content in terms of practices, being more careful using the term process in the core books. Nevertheless many people are still confused about the true nature of a process.

COBIT (v5) has its own definition of process: "Generally, a collection of practices influenced by the enterprise’s policies and procedures that takes inputs from a number of sources (including other processes), manipulates the inputs and produces
outputs (e.g., products, services)."

TIPA and COBIT nevertheless provide similar results, as Steve explains, and both comply with ISO15504.
ISO15504 is soon to be transformed into ISO33000. In the mean time, both COBIT and ITIL have not been able to provide an integrated process reference model: both only deliver graphics with non-related process items.

Confused? It will be most interesting to see what definition of process will be adopted in ISO33000.

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Editors ITWNET (16/07/2014)

Comment from Michel Picard, member of the TIPA development team:

Today TIPA is not limited to ITIL v2 anymore. It includes several process models: one for ITIL v2, one for ITIL v3 and more recently one for ITIL 2011.

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