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Action Research Foundation - Mission Statement

Improve ‘Quality Of Life’ by improving Capability

Who We are

We improve 'Quality of Life' by Improving 'Capability'. Capable People; are happy at work. When people are happy at work, the enterprise's customers benefit, the enterprise benefits, personal and family life benefits and the society, that they all thrive in, benefits.

People who make a living from providing 'Information Technology Services' are a crucial asset to our society; now and in the future. When 'Organisational Demands' pull in one way and 'Individual Needs'  the other; people end up doing the bare minimum to get along. On the other hand when Organisational demands align with people needs, magic happens! they move into an innovation space, happiness becomes visible as do the values devolved to stakeholders.

What We Do

We provide services to IT Departments and their business partners; for visioning required future states of their IT Operating Models then guide and mentor them in the transformation journey; from A Silo Based "Repair Shop" to a Service Oriented "Customisation Studio" IT Operating model fuelled by innovation; to drive the convergence of business and IT and achieve outstanding results.

We enable IT Organisation to systematically build capability increments and become, a much needed, 'Specialist Technology Broker" who meets evolving needs of the Business, for an innovation Eco-System, providing success for its external service provider community in a multi sourced service delivery model; while integrating evolving technologies with 'Core IT' and orchestrate people, processes, tools and partnerships for reaching business ambitions in the marketplace.

We enable IT Service Provider organisations to grab evolving opportunities for playing the External Service owner Role for Speed 1 ITSM requirements and provide the flexibility to accurately and quickly Integrate Speed 2 technologies, without breaking anything and keep the lights on. We build capabilities, within their specific corporate / engagement management teams, that enable them to systematically architect the capabilities of Technical Functions required for meeting specific and evolving customer engagements.

We enable People working in these organisations to visualise their Life-Time career path in terms of their Professional Capabilities and visualise their growth across the four  the four elements of Autonomy, Influence, Complexity, and Business Skills. The FlexMode Function Capability Value Stream enables the establishment of an Innovation ecosystem that can continuously re-shape itself to meet evolving requirements of all stakeholders.

In doing the above we use Action Research and following internationally recognised knowledge bases, such as TOFAF, IT4IT, SFIA, ITIL, ISO, COBIT, 6 Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning, Kotter’s Organisation Change Model, Schewhart’s Potter’s Value Chain, Supply Chain, Service Orientation, Lateral Thinking, and other traditional and breakthrough innovations.


Our Evolution.

Action Research Foundation, is a Boutique ITSM Enterprise Architecture Studio in the year 2006. ARF has evolved into a recognised thought leader in the IT Operating Model transformation space and a practitioner of organisational transformation for IT Departments.  

The FlexMode paradigm shift framework, the cornerstone of ARF methodology, has evolved over multiple intervention engagements and today is one of the few tested and proven methodologies to bring together a multidisciplinary approach for managing successful Strategic Transformations.

FlexMode uses innovative techniques to rapidly establish; staged capability paths, collaborating with the staff, to transform from legacy mechanic shop 'Technology Silo IT Operating Models" and move to establishing a Service Oriented IT Operating Model, that will allow the convergence of business and IT in a multi-sourced, bi-modal, next generation IT Operating Model.

ARF is an active member of the Architecture and IT4IT Opengroup forums and are amongst the first to co-work with their customers in realising values from using a reference architecture. ARF is one of the first 11 organisations worldwide to achieve accredited training centres and provide specialised it4IT training for both certification and application.

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