Is my ITIL V2 Service Master certification garbage now?

ITIL certificates are changing at relatively high speed. People start worrying about their investments. "I have spent a lot of energy and time on getting a certificate. Do I need to update it now that we have an ITIL 2011 version?"

Our LinkedIn group "ITIL & ITSM Certified Experts" shows an interesting thread on this topic.

Opinions range from "Training is never a waste of time and personal effort" and a realistic "Most organisation are only working based on ITIL V2", up to " I am both an ITIL Expert on the V3 certification path and a Service Manager on the V2 path. I can tell you which one I am prouder of. Hands down - it's the V2 path.".

As usual, this discussion is fed by comments on 'credits' for all kinds of trainings, which - according to some sources - boost your value on the personnel market, but according to others, the opposite is the case.

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Anonymous (22/02/2012)

Need advice/suggests from SMEs, whether ITIL V3 EXPERT Certification worth doing it ???
(Considering the fact, its very Expensive one)

Cyber Chick (27/04/2012)

i dont believe everyone needs to reach that level. I or 2 leaders in the organisation that drive service management is enough, the rest should at least attain the next level down. Managers should look at Lifecycle courses related to their roles and Practitioners look at Capability courses related to their roles eg change manager RCV Capability course. Its expensive and seems to be driven by $$ unfortunately....

Anonymous (22/02/2012)

What are the reasons for companies not adopting full ITIL framework?

Anonymous (23/02/2012)

Has anyone purchased an ISO 20000 2011 checklist for use in internal auditing and if so, from what source please? I have only been able to find a 2005 version. Thank you.

Ron Lester (27/09/2012)

Hi, I did not purchase a list, but developed one myself. Maybe we should take further. Thx Ron

Anonymous (24/02/2012)

There never was any such certification as an 'ITIL V2 Service Master'. So it would be hard for it to be valid today!

Anonymous (08/05/2012)

I wouldnt worry about the 2011 revision affecting your status as a Service Manager unless you have forgotten everything you have learned so far :)

In terms of qualifications the big difference is not 2011 but the original v3 release which totally changed the face of ITIL qualifications and therefore, you could argue, retired your Managers certificate.

However, most of the people I know (me included) who were v2 managers and now have v3 still refer to the v2 path as well since they believe that it was a significantly more relevant way to demonstrate an understanding (the essays rather than a multi choice exam).

The main thing is to demonstrate your experience and this should render qualifications as less relevant on your CV

Anonymous (09/06/2012)

I think there are two other aspects that need to be coevred in this discussion and which you alluded to briefly affect and impact. When we discuss efficiencies and effectiveness in the context of total productivity, we have to include the overall affect and impact on the area where we are trying to improve on efficiencies and effectiveness. The affect and impact on a given area, whether that is lab support, application support, research and development or any other given area where IT is involved, has to be considered both in the short term and in the long range planning. Of these two, impact is the most visible and probably the most likely to change the overall effectiveness of the CIO's role.We recently witnessed the impact of Hurricane Irene on the east coast. The efficiencies and effectiveness of the weather reporters, FEMA and local government staff, and other support services could not have been better conducted; however, the impact of the storm, the torrential rains and the damage caused by the post-storm flooding could not have been stopped no matter how efficient or effective the pre-storm preparations were. One could ask, what the comparison of this event has in relationship to IT in higher education and that would be a fair question. The comparison, as I see it, is that no matter how well you prepare, no matter how efficient or effective your vision for your department and programs will' be, no matter how well you communicate to the administration, staff and students, you still have to deal with the aftermath of any changes to the environment that you make towards the end objective of being more efficient. The aftermath could be positive or negative depending on what was done, but you have to be ready to support the change in policies, procedures or staffing to your constituents while limiting the negative impact or affect on their environment.A prime example is the implementation of change management. If performed correctly and with proper governance, change management can have an extremely overall positive affect on IT operations. At the same time, even if performed correctly, change management has a tendency to slow the implementation process. The impact to the end users, if they have been accustomed to having their requests acted upon immediately, will be received as a negative change. The CIO and the IT department has to be prepared to support or even defend these types of changes and the impact of these types of changes.

Administrator (27/09/2012)

Ron - if you are seriously interested in that, we can set up a Group for you, add a news item, and you'll be sure to see many participants in no time! Let us know if you want this....

warren wilkins (13/04/2016)

Much of the ITIL philosophy has advanced around the fact contained within the ITIL guides and the supporting qualification scheme of professionals

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