ITWNET and IVI announce collaboration to develop multi-discipline training for IT professionals based on IT-CMF

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Press release


 Over almost 12 months ITWNET and IVI have collaborated on a key initiative to bring to the IT practitioners worldwide a new and exciting multi-discipline IT professional career roadmap based on the ITCMF reference model. The progress brought both organizations to the point where a collaboration agreement was signed.  Now the ITWNET community will work hand in hand with IVI researchers to bring the most up-to-date, future proof and global approach to IT professional training and certification today.

Mr. Martin Delaney (, General Manager and Technology Leader for IVI research said: ‘The progress that IVI have delivered over the past 10 years in the development of IT CMF and growth in awareness and use will be greatly accelerated with this developing relationship with ITWNET. We live in exciting fast moving technology times – our DIGITAL era, and more than ever organisations and IT professionals need to be supplied with the tools and knowledge to excel. IVI and ITWNET will bring that Digital knowledge’. 

Mr. Alejandro Debenedet (, Managing Director of ITWNET INTERNATIONAL said: “This is a big step forward towards realising our goal to make every IT professional more successful.  We are delighted to work together with Martin and his excellent team of professionals and to develop this complete and up-to-date career development model for the benefit of the global IT ecosystem.  It is a dream come true for me personally since I have been closely related to ITCMF since 2009. We thank IVI for this vote of trust and we hope to deliver the best training experience possible together with our community, our partners and everyone that will join to make it a success”.   

Multi-discipline IT Professional career development roadmap - BASED ON ITCMF REFERENCE MODEL

Today’s IT is living in exiting times and needs a deep transformation.  At the center of this effort is the IT professional who needs to engage in new ways of working; in a short period of time; and at the least cost possible.  The IT professional also needs to update his knowledge in full, not in isolation with  a particular best practice or framework but from multiple bodies of knowledge.  Therefore silos of information are OUT and an holistic approach to acquiring knowledge is IN. 

On the other side we have the proliferation of, and easy accessibility to, a growing range of digital technologies that is profoundly transforming the strategic context of the organization and its competitive environment. This range of technologies refers to social, mobile, analytics, cloud, and internet of things (SMACT), among others. Through combining the capabilities of these digital technologies with existing competences, the organization is afforded opportunities to offer exciting new value propositions.

Up to date, a big effort was needed to cover all the training needs to be ready to face these challenge times.  ITWNET and IVI, with the input of their professional network, community and researchers, have articulated a complete multi-discipline IT professional career roadmap that presents all required knowledge from a single, complete and renowned model: ITCMF.

Established more than 10 ago,, with multi-million dollars research investment, more than 600 companies all over the world applying its concepts and its benchmarking data, IT CMF has proven to be a one of a kind in the  “me too” world of best practices, frameworks and assessment tools.

The IT CMF training roadmap covers all the needs for training, recognizes acquired knowledge and provides for the digital transformation currently happening. IT CMF training is based in IT CMF core capabilities, which (clustered or individually) provide the backbone of knowledge needed by the IT professional today to drive the IT service organization into delivering business value.  All in one training scheme, all within IT CMF, the one stop shop for all IT capabilities that enable the digital transformation.

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ITWNET is the fastest growing global community for IT Managers and Professionals. Its vision is to fill the gap for a truly global, independent and transparent IT community that can accommodate the needs and expectations of the members, to be the center of collaboration and contribution of IT professionals for IT professionals. Now is the right time to bring down the knowledge and communities silos and divisions. “Eventually everything connects”, together we will all create a better, more mature, digital society, while supporting the digital transformation that will realize our most ambitious dreams.

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About IVI

IVI’s mission is to research, develop and disseminate empirically proven and industry validated IT best practice through a unique open innovation and collaboration between leading academic and industry practitioners. Our priority is in supporting organisations in the DIGITAL challenges and opportunities through leveraging our framework (BoK) IT CMF. We have supported over 600 international organisations through leveraging IT CMF and trained over 5000 IT professionals. IT CMF addresses the digital need for a holistic understanding of managing technology for business value. 

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