Collaborative Business Service Design – Strategic thinking to understand organisations and the services they offer

Check on this content to learn more about CBSD and get the Fundamentals guide that can aid in getting ready for the ITWNET Digital Transformation Foundations training along with the IT-CMF Manangement Guide that you can buy directly from the ITWNET bookshop powered by Van Haren Publishing Here a transcript of the content at the IT Governance Publishing Blog - reused by permission. Strategic thinking to understand organisations and the services they offer Heidi Burrows  19th June 2018 In this post, ITGP authors Brian Johnson and Léon-Paul de Rouw discuss the importance of considering all stakeholders…

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BISL® NEXT – The NEXT level for optimizing BIM

 We start with plenty of “known”acronyms, so just to be clear:BISL: Business Information Service LibraryBIM: Business Information ManangemntNEXT: this is not an acronym, it is just the word NEXT, meaning: following, coming right after.BiSL® Next is therefore an up-to-date version of the successful BISL® and describes the framework of the next generation BiSL®.BiSL® Next is a public domain standard for business information management with guiding principles, good practices and practical templates. It offers guidance for digitally engaged business leaders and those who collaborate with them, with the ultimate goal to improve business performance through better use…

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ITWNET Digital Transformation Foundation

Digital transformation is about changing.  Deep changes.  Changes of people, processes, businesses and even culture. Changes that will happen, whether we like it or not.  Remember that phrase: the only "constant" is change?  Well with digital transformation this is not only true but it is also unavoidable!There are plenty of publication online and books; plenty of minutes of videos and hundreds of lectures discussing this topic.  Every company, every consultant, every training organization has its own magic formula on how to ride the digital transformation wave.At ITWNET we have consulted our members and our stakeholders, globally.…

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