ITIL® 2011 Edition - the IT Infrastructure Library

ITIL focuses on aligning IT services with the needs of the business. ITIL is the de-facto and leading framework for IT Service Management in the world with by far the highest number of certifications.




The ITIL framework is owned by the UK government department: UK Cabinet Office previously Office of Government Commerce (OGC).

Brief history and description

ITIL was created in the late 1980s by the UK government’s CCTA (Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency) with the objective of enabling effective and efficient IT service provision. ITIL is now owned by the Cabinet Office, part of HM Government; the current version is the ITIL 2011 Edition (published July 2011). It succeeds the ITIL 2007 Edition which is more commonly known as ITIL V3.

ITIL advocates that IT services must be aligned to the needs of the business and underpin the core business processes. It provides guidance to organizations on how to use IT as a tool to facilitate business change, transformation and growth. The ITIL best practices are described in five core guides that map the entire ITIL Service Lifecycle (see Figure below).

The ITIL service lifecycle (Source: the Cabinet Office)

Target Audience

IT service providers and IT professionals in a wide range of roles

User communities and groups

Over the years many ITIL user groups and communities have been founded.  The largest of these is the IT Service Management Forum International (itSMFI). There are 52 officially approved itSMF Chapters around the world. Many other ITIL interest groups are listed on this website, and can also be found on LinkedIn (search for groups/ITIL).

Official publisher

The ITIL guides are published by the Stationary Office (TSO).

Accreditations and qualifications

The official accreditor for ITIL is APM Group (APMG). Over the past years an official ITIL people certification scheme was developed and has been used by more than 1.000.000 people all over the world. APM Group recommends that you use officially accredited trainers. An overview of ITIL qualifications, accredited exam institutes and accredited training organizations (ATO) can be found on the official ITIL site.


Most present day service management tools are based on the ITIL framework. An official ITIL Software Scheme has been established. Its goal is to “allow software tool vendors to obtain endorsement for an ITIL based tool. “ (Source: the Official ITIL site). The whole scheme, including a list of endorsed tools, can be found on the official ITIL site.


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