ISPL offers a new independent European standard for IT Procurement Management.

ISPL - Information Services Procurement Library - is a best practice library for the management of acquisition processes related to Information Technology. It offers a set of books, tools and services to help customer and supplier organizations to manage the acquisition and delivery of services and systems in a variety of situations.

The Information Services Procurement Library (ISPL) is a systematic approach to tendering and delivering IT projects and services. Its main purpose is to professionalize customer-supplier relationships.

Owner of the copyright: ISPL Consortium, presided over by EXIN.

Distribution: Several organizations have adopted ISPL as a standard; hundreds of organizations have used the approach.

Origin/history: The ISPL project (1998 – 1999) was part of the SPRITE-S2 program of the European Commission and was fifty per cent funded by the Commission. ISPL has been developed out of Euromethod with the permission of the European Commission. The European Committee has created the ISPL Consortium to develop ISPL to be a de facto standard.

When: Version 1.0 was launched in 1999.

Participants in the ISPL Consortium: European Commission, EXIN. ISPL's primary editors are Marcel Franckson (Atos Origin, France) and Denis Verhoef (Ordina, the Netherlands)

Certification bodies? Not any more.

More information can be found at the ISPL website and at Fact-Archive.