BPMM — Business Process Maturity Model.


Maturity model


BPMM is owned by the Object Management Group (OMG). OMG has been an international, open membership, not-for-profit computer industry consortium since 1989.

Brief history and description

The development of the Business Process Maturity Model (BPMM) began in 2002. The basis for the BPMM model are the process maturity principles of the Carnegie Mellon Capability Maturity Model (CMM). The BPMM model was initially launched as a Service Operations CMM.

BPMM is based on four foundation principles:

  • Attributes of a process can be evaluated to determine its capability to contribute to organizational objectives.
  • Capable processes cannot survive unless the organization is mature enough to sustain them.
  • Process improvement is best approached as an organizational change program that stages the improvements to achieve successively more predictable states of organizational capability.
  • Each stage or maturity level lays a required foundation on which future improvements can be built.


BPMM is divided into five maturity levels

Level 1: Initial

Level 2: Managed

Level 3: Standardized

Level 4: Predictable

Level 5: Innovating

Conformance with the BPMM is evaluated in appraisals. An appraisal must be led by an authorized Lead Appraiser who has been trained extensively in both the BPMM and its associated appraisal methods. There are four types of appraisals for the BPMM: Starter appraisal, Progress appraisal, Supplier appraisal, Confirmatory appraisal.

Target Audience

(Senior) business management, management consultants and anyone interested or involved in improving an organization’s business process.

User communities and groups

OMG runs a membership scheme. Membership includes Information Technology vendors, end users, government agencies, and academia.

Official publisher

Object Management Group (OMG). All of OMG’s specifications may be downloaded for free. From their Specifications Catalog.

Accreditations and qualifications

OMG runs several different certification programs. One of these is OMG Certified Expert in BPM™ (OCEB). The OCEB Program was developed and is run as a joint program of OMG and the UML Technology Institute Co., Ltd.(UTI).

There are five OCEB certifications that correspond to different BPM job roles. Three levels can be distinguished: Fundamental, Intermediate and Advanced. The five certifications are:

Certification Target audience
Fundamental BPM project team members.
Business intermediate BPM Team Leads working on the business side
Technical intermediate BPM implementation team leads
Business advanced BPM consultants or practitioners
Technical advanced BPM consultants or practitioners working on the technical side.




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