Break down the communities silos. Grow your network and engage with members that share your professional interests in a single truly holistic community.

Why become part of a community? This is a key question today when all is being discussed and there is an over abundance of information, social platforms and focus groups.

Simply put, for IT professionals and for business professionals that see IT as an embedded discipline within the company, there is only one way to be in touch with same minded individuals in a global scale. And that is being part of a holistic community.

As a individual member you can become part of ITWNET for free or for a small fee. We have plans for local countries and for International or global members.

ITWNET Corporate Membership

Discount for multiple ITWNET Premium Memberships (5, 10, 15, 25, 50, over 50) Special private Corporate Groups Possibility to create own MOOCs

To see all benefits why don’t you sign up and follow the process to the most convenient membership for you or your organisation. Please click here. Or just send as an email to