The ITWNET Digital Transformation scheme aims to provide practitioners with the latest knowledge and capabilities to aid digital transformation initiatives within their organisation.  It focuses not only in emerging technologies but most importantly, in providing the digital leader with tools to successfully drive change.


Based on proven renowned models such as IT-CMF, Praxis PPP and Collaborative Service Business Design, the training discusses the latest approaches and tools for digital transformation including agile, lean, DevOps, design and system thinking, business model canvas and up-to-date knowledge on ever changing emerging technologies

The IT Capability Maturity Framework is a framework specifically created to derive real, measurable business value from IT. It helps organisations devise more robust strategies, make better-informed decisions, and perform more effectively, efficiently and consistently.    Developed by The Innovation Value Institute (IVI in short,  co-founded in 2006 by Maynooth University and Intel) has focussed in real world critical capabilities and a practical assessment model which have created a live knowledge base useful for any digital leader looking to understand an organisation digital readiness.  

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To be ready to lead the implementation of a given digital strategy, the professional needs to be ready to apply multiple skills including but not limited to communication, presentation, conflict solving, agile and critical thinking and more.  The scheme provides the basis to up-skill or re-skill professionals to lead the transformation and become the liasions between business and IT. 

There are many skills models.  ITWNET community has decided to use an open framework that provides the full scope of knowledge to a digital ready professional.

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CBSD requires people to think, to ask questions, formulate ideas, promote and challenge pre-existing concepts so that a fully coherent model is available to all involved in building the detail of a design and so that all the stakeholders (business and IT) can understand their roles.

The CBSD approach promotes an agile, structured working method; a simultaneous requirement analysis and synthesis of concepts and ideas; a focus on outcome and output: the target formulated by the customer, ‘the business outcome’, throughout the design process; involving all stakeholders and evaluating their perspectives/concerns: exploring design with input from every relevant discipline; and thinking about the consequences of decisions rather than hoping IT will fix everything.

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ITWNET Digital Transformation Scheme developed for ITWNET by author Alejandro Debenedet in collaboration with IVI – Innovation Value Institute (Maynooth University Ireland); Van Haren Publishing, The Netherlands (Publisher of IT-CMF body of knowledge); APMG International, UK, examination institute and developer of Foundations certification for Digital Transformation.   All brands and logos useds by permission of their owners.

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