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  • Most important tools to manage IT services   7 years 29 weeks ago

    It's amazing to see email as the top tool - with spreadsheets not far behind.

    We've developed a SaaS solution that addresses the challenge of planning and executing change to IT services, under the availability constraint of a tight SLA.

    This isn't a product plug so I won't even mention its name but I'd like to highlight the power of bringing a number of "point-solutions" together to create much more powerful solution.

    Here's what our tool brings to the party:

    1) Email and SMS communications
    2) Document repository
    3) Planning functionality to build the implementation plan (replacing Excel)
    4) Event scheduling
    5) Dashboard reporting
    6) Service catalogue integration
    7) HR management

    IMHO it is only when a feature set such as the list above is brought to bear on a specific problem that the tool deliver significant benefits. I prefer thew word "solution" to "tool" when we have this integrated set of features.

    All the best

  • Most important tools to manage IT services   7 years 29 weeks ago

    Great list for IT, what about the business?

    'Service knowledge management' what does this actually mean to an organisation it relation to it's ability to generate & control cash?

    E.g. For retail, IT must delivery services that directly map to money coming through in the tills, getting goods & services to the end customer and controlling costs.

    Like the current government that forgets they have been elected to make the country better for Joe avareage as opposed to ensure thiere
    second homes are furnnished. IT professional should not forget we in fact a very expensive service the company needs, unless we get better at it, then the business will and is finding cheaper alternatives.



  • Most important tools to manage IT services   7 years 29 weeks ago


  • Why don’t we ask the users?   7 years 31 weeks ago

    Some great points raised by Paul. IT organisations talk about business alignment but generally think in terms of getting the business to undestand IT not vice versa.

    Graham Perry

  • Can OGC fix the fatal flaws of ITIL V3?   7 years 32 weeks ago

    Correct again. I guess great minds really do think alike.

  • The four fatal flaws of ITIL V3   7 years 32 weeks ago


    How is Finland these days? You hit the nail on the head and I couldn't agree more.

    In my oppinion, the only "changes" in ITIL V3 are the semmingly neverending exam scheme and the addition of the information from the other books in the ITIL Library to the core set.

    Clever marketing I suppose but any credible consultant already knew that Service Support and Service Delivery were never meant to stand on their own. They were always meant to be complemented by the infromation in the other books.

    I mean, was it really necessary to complete the Continual Service Improvement book? Isn't that concept implicit?

    Finally, why play with the language by adding/changing the definitions of key terminology? Isn't one of the key concepts of ITIL that language is important.

    I'm sure that the changes benefit someone somewhere. For me it just adds to the confusion.

    Its funny how people always gravitate to the shiny and new. But, remember, all that glitters is not gold.

  • Are you really doing IT financial management?   7 years 33 weeks ago

    Hmm, let me see; ITFM requires:

    1. services in the context of a service catalogue - but few orgs have this
    2. a CMDB - but few organisations have one
    3. service forecasting - but few organisations do this
    4. being able to measure the business value of a service - but this also not an easy task so few orgs do this

    Is the ITFM concept - as put forward here - perhaps ahead of its time in terms of companies being able to implement it?

  • Implementing configuration management using ITIL v3   7 years 33 weeks ago

    We will absolutely cover Agile CM including iterative release management and continuous integration. I just wrote a Chapter on Standards and Frameworks (including ITIL) for my colleague Mario Moreira's excellent new book on Agile CM - Adapting Configuration Management for Agile Teams: Balancing Sustainability and Speed by Mario E. Moreira, Published by Wiley ISBN: 0470746637.

    I would certainly recommend that you get yourself a copy.

    Now just to be clear I work with both Agile and non-Agile process models. I also write for the Agile Journal ( and I am the Editor in Chief at CM Crossroads ( where we have many articles on Agile CM. I have written a few articles on ITIL for CM Crossroads as well, although I must be clear that I work across all of the standards & frameworks as needed (so don't expect only ITIL specific articles there). Please also submit your questions and especially tales of your own experiences. As I mentioned, writing for me is a team sport!

  • Implementing configuration management using ITIL v3   7 years 33 weeks ago


    Can you please include Agile CM & Agile Release Management also amount the topics?


  • Most important tools to manage IT services   7 years 34 weeks ago

    Well, Microsoft is well positioned with its System Center Service Manager to provide seamless e-mail integration through Outlook/Exchange with Service Desk tool. Email is at the center of communication and collaboration. Chat and some social netwrok integration (Twitter is valid and fast to update status!) will increase the end user adoption.
    Excellent topic that deserves furter development!

  • Most important tools to manage IT services   7 years 34 weeks ago

    I recognise this also. Despite all the investments of my organization in expensive tools to support the CMDB it seems that the Microsoft Spreadsheet is still our most important tool for managing our configuration data.

  • Most important tools to manage IT services   7 years 34 weeks ago

    Interesting. I guess we need to think about why the e-mail system is still the most important service management tool in the market to manage incidents, request changes, etc. Maybe the service desk market should integrate better with e-mail systems.

  • Lesser-spotted ITSM frameworks - 4   7 years 35 weeks ago

    Risk IT is now formally available following review of the exposure draft.

    Risk IT Brochure (free download)
    The Risk IT Framework (free download - registration (free) required)
    Risk IT Practitioner Guide (dowload by ISACA members only - free)

  • Service Level Agreements are not enough   7 years 35 weeks ago

    cool story bro

  • Can OGC fix the fatal flaws of ITIL V3?   7 years 35 weeks ago

    We are not alone out there. You are definitely on the right track.

  • The four fatal flaws of ITIL V3   7 years 35 weeks ago

    You are definitely on the right track.

  • Why are so many people discussing incident management?   7 years 36 weeks ago

    Hi John
    Good comment. A request for Administration can be a useful class to have.


  • Why are so many people discussing incident management?   7 years 37 weeks ago

    I think there is another subtype of request... A more explicit version of Request for Service... (Administration)

    My list always included;
    - Request for Service (ie I am request something that is predefined or possibly not, but not because something isn't working).

    - Request for Information (ie What is the name of that website we are supposed to go to for xyz?)

    - Request for Change (ie I need a form of an application to be blue instead of green)

    - Request for Administration (ie Please add me to the Security Group XYZ)

    - Request for Support (Classic Incident ie My email is not working)

    I tend to agree, ITILv3 is facing an uphill battle for relavence and would argue that following a process, maturing and improving that process (regardless of whether or not it is ITIL) is as important as "ITIL Compliance" if that beast even exists...

    John Clark

  • The four fatal flaws of ITIL V3   7 years 37 weeks ago

    Apparently defensible premises and logically constructed arguments aren't prerequisites for a "column" being published. ITIL is far from perfect (in v2 or v3 form), but this hyperbole is just as fatally flawed. Ironic.

  • The four fatal flaws of ITIL V3   7 years 39 weeks ago


    I totally agree but one thing to mention too: ITIL v3 was not only driven by OGC and their potential need for money. ITIL v3 was much more driven by ITSM software vendors, they need the same upgrade path as the mentioned Microsoft Corp but for ITSM. So staying at itilv2 for them means reducing potential income and as ITIL V3 got so much more complex they get the ability to sell as complex software suites and as complex integration projects and and and

    as you said, it is a lot about money ...

    Tom Peruzzi

  • Lesser-spotted ITSM frameworks - 4   7 years 39 weeks ago

    I am loving this series!!! thank you very much for posting!

    Prashant Bhardwaj

  • IT’s as simple as ABC….but we still don’t get it!   7 years 40 weeks ago

    Paul nails it as usuall!

    I've been working with ABC of ICT almost since the deck was printed the first time and I've translated it to Swedish. Pauls cartoons and the worst practices are a very useful tools when adressing ABC of ICT issues and creating an urgency to change.

    I see the top worst practice, "no understanding for business impact & priority" as the most important issue to work with - but not with the IT department. This issue must be adressed at top level management!! If the priorities are unclear or vague, business priorities vill not be understood or adopted by IT. Stop treating IT with silk gloves, treat IT as any production unit within the company and set the demands and priorities for them - clear and concise and with consequenses. IT will then align and support the business - if not, ask someone else to deliver your IT. CEO - stop beeing afraid of the CIO!!

    Who's running the company the CEO or the CIO? or maybe the techies in IT?


    Leif Andersson
    ABC of ICT ambassador, ITIL expert, Accredited Apollo 13 instructor and some other things....

  • IT’s as simple as ABC….but we still don’t get it!   7 years 41 weeks ago

    Interested in the results but your gifs weren't found. (Might be something on my end, tho).

  • Lesser-spotted ITSM frameworks - 1   7 years 42 weeks ago

    Let me know if you would like to review the USMBOK 'framework'.