Why Service Desk Certification by Service Desk Institute (SDI)

Why Service Desk Certification by Service Desk Institute (SDI)

SDI's industry-proven and internationally recognised qualifications can help you get ahead throughout your IT support career. All qualifications are based on the SDI Professional Standards, reviewed and updated every 3 years by a committee of industry experts, service management professionals and practitioners to reflect the latest industry developments.

These internationally recognised Professional Standard sets out clear definitions for the key service desk roles and provide the basis of all SDI training courseware and exams, leading to qualifications that are recognised worldwide.


There are two types of Qualifications which a Service Desk Profesional can embark to enahnce their career:

World Recognised Industry


There's only one way to guarantee to an IT service employer that you're more capable and brilliant than the next candidate and that's to hold a recognised, professional SDI Service Desk Manager or Service Desk Analyst qualification.

Service Desk Analyst Standard by Service Desk Institute


Service Desk Manager Standard by Service Desk Institute

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