ITCMF - The gold standard for the management of IT Value and IT-Enabled Innovation

It has been years since my first encounter with IT-CMF back in 2009.  Since then more than 600 companies globally have assessed their IT Services against the framework and the Irish government has poured millions of Euros in research lead by Maynooth University's own Innovation Value Insitute ( making it one of the greatest "hidden gems" in our IT ecosystem up-to-date.  

It is defined as the gold standard for the management of IT value and IT enabled innovation and its website describes it as the holistic, business led approach that is helpful, coherent, complementary, scalable. Sounds interesting right?  Well, let's dig a bit more ...

Starting out of the Intel's IT internal departments and now published its version 2 book (buy it at there is plenty to discover in it which will benefit every IT department worldwide that is currently focussing in upgrading into a Service organization that delivers real business value to its customers.  Covering over thirty critical capabilities, over 300 capability building blocks and more than 800 assessment questions, it is really grandiose.  Plus it has an extensive benchmark data comparing assessment results over the years, accross industries and more.  ITCMF is now also undergoing a "digital transformation" to come to terms to this changing times.  So in conclusion,  it is a great tool to assess in IT department capabilities and a great knowledge center for the IT professional to develop further.  And in this last point, there was still more that could be done.  And here is where ITWNET community kicks in. 

ITWNET community of professional has since its conception discussed what would be the next best practice, framework or learning opportunity in our horizon.  After much debate and search we came to realise that working with IT-CMF and its body of knowledge to develop a holistic approach to IT professional continuous development needs in today's digital disrupted world made a lot of sense and was in line with our also holistic approach to IT professionalism and communities.

This is why we joined forces with IVI to work develop a multi-discipline IT professional training and certification (read more

So I wanted to give you a couple of links to learn more about ITCMF and think of joining our effort to bring to the market a new, fresh and holistic approch that has all the ingredients to become the right start or complement your current expertise and training in IT in its different flavors. 

ITCMF website:

ITCMF in Three Minutes:

Introduction to ITCMF:




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