BISL - Business information Service Library - Summary presentation

At ITWNET Portal you will find many references on BRM, BIM, BISL, etc. We even have a description of the BISL framework. Since my early days in IT as a UNIX support guy I have seen the importance of information. While at NCR I quickly moved in Information Systems and specialised in "relational databases" back in the late 80's.

No one time has seen the uprise of the importance of information management as this one we are living at. And there is no discussion that is the BUSINESS who should demand it and IT who should supply it, based on the business (the user by the way) input. Not the other way around.

This is why I thought it good to bring back the BISL subject. BISL is alive and kicking and will see brighter and bigger days in the future. With a solid Foundation that provides the updates and free well though of information, a nice set of training and certification and some fun and learning oriented simulations, plus plenty of books to choose from (check our bookstore ) there is more than enough to aid the business to live up to expectations and work with IT to get the best of their information systems.

It goes without saying that BISL also benefits on the focus on soft-skills that IT departments and the Business as one should have to empower their people and to bring down the misunderstanding and miscommunication barriers. It is key to a good adoption of BISL framework to have good communication skills, negotiation skills, listening skills, time management skills and presentations skills among others.

At ITWNET we will bring you more about BISL, Softskills for IT and all you need for managing your IS. Share your comments and input. Don't forget that at ITWNET we care for everything you input which will in turn be curated by peers and become part of our ITWNET yearbook!.

For more on BISL, please check on the attached presentation (PDF in files with low quality images not to take too much space).

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