[7] IT Training Products: ISTQB and IREB

****This is part 7 of a series of columns on how to select training for IT Make sure you have read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6 before you read this column.****

For testing of Software there is the International Standard for Testing Qualification Board, ISTQB.

See: www.istqb.org

The International Software Testing Qualification Board (ISTQB) runs a three level certification program for software testers. The best-known exam is the ISTQB Foundation Level certificate. This is an excellent introduction into software testing. The three levels are not specifically related to the levels of SFIA (or e-CF). In general the Foundation level sits on level 2 of SFIA, the highest level (Expert) would sit on level 4 or 5.

Since its establishment in 2002 over 350.000 certificates have been issued by ISTQB. CapGemini, Alten, Sogeti and T-Systems are amongst the ISTQB partners. The ISTQB has a membership structure. Each Member Board represents one or more countries. In total there are 49 Member Boards. This structure allows for dedicated local services and translations. There are three Examination Boards: BCS (UK), Gasq (Germany) and iSQI (Germany, The Netherlands and UK). ISTQB runs an accreditation system via its Member Boards and via iSQI and BCS. iSQI is the only Examination Board that delivers the exams for all levels in multiple languages, also via Pearson VUE.

More information on the program, the structure, the accreditation and the partnership via www.istqb.org

The International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB) is responsible for the international certification program in Requirements Engineering. IREB is a not-for-profit organisation and is responsible for the quality of the certification standard. The current two levels are not specifically related to the levels of SFIA (or e-CF). In general the Foundation level sits on level 3 of SFIA, the Advanced level would sit on level 4.

The standard is supported by companies such as Hood, Sophist, Zuhlke and certification is outsourced to a number of certification bodies, in most cases two per country. Following an initiative of iSQI (the leading IREB certification body) the Foundation level exam will also be available via Pearson VUE as of 2015. Exams are available in various languages. IREB had a system of recognition and supporting Training Providers.

More information on the program, the structure and the partnership via www.ireb.org

Certified persons based on the ISTQB program are specifically working as testers only, or Software Developers who should test in practice what they have developed

The next column will deal with trainings provided by IASSC, and trainings on Lean, Agile, and Scrum.

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