Become the global community for IT Managers and Professionals supporting their daily need for inspiration, learning and connections.


Fill the gap for a truly global, independent and transparent IT community that can accommodate the needs and expectations of the members in an equal degree.


Make IT professionals more successful.


Eventually everything connects!

A unified approach to IT communities:

Shared common services and programs to minimize resources usage.

Members network local and globally to enable change.

Establish a bridge for independent communities to collaborate.


Provides a one stop shop for IT pros and their needs so as to become more successful and enjoy their profession more.

Enables knowledge sharing and networking opportunities in a single platform.

Increases the likelihood of growing the number of sponsors by cross selling opportunitiesincreases the number of members that support specific communities thanks to a simple engagement process.

Empowers local communities to grow beyond borders and become an international and global player.

Builds long lasting independent relations at a local and global level.

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