Preparing business professionals for the digital age with ITWNET Digital Transformation training and certification.

Organizations’ today understand the importance of digital transformation.  Expenditure is as high as ever in hardware, software and services but it is yet a fraction of the trillions of dollars expected just a few years ahead. 
Yet, the question is not whether the infrastructure is in place but rather if the professionals (digital leaders) with the right skills are ready to put it to work and achieve the expected agile transformation WILL BE THERE!
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The ITWNET Digital Transformation Certification aims to provide participants with the latest knowledge and capability to aid digital transformation initiatives within their organization. This two-day course equips mid to senior-level managers with the ability to support an organization’s progress by preparing them to move to a digital business model.

The training and certification focuses on three key areas:


·      Digital readiness (based on the IT-CMF)

·      Skillsets for the digital transformation leader

·      Business service design for digital transformation


It aims to provide candidates with the knowledge and understanding required to support, manage and lead digital transformation initiatives.


The ITWNET Digital Transformation certification is primarily based on the Innovation Value Institute’s IT Capability Maturity Framework (IT-CMF) and the publication ‘Collaborative Business Design: Improving and innovating the design of IT-driven business services’ (published by IT Governance).

The IT Capability Maturity Framework is a framework specifically created to derive real, measurable business value from IT. It helps organisations devise more robust strategies, make better-informed decisions, and perform more effectively, efficiently and consistently.

A specific assessment for Digital Readiness has been developed based on the core critical capabilities of IT-CMF and added capabilities that target the concrete challenges of Digital

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