BISL® NEXT – The NEXT level for optimizing BIM

BISL® NEXT – The NEXT level for optimizing BIM

 We start with plenty of “known”acronyms, so just to be clear:

BISL: Business Information Service Library

BIM: Business Information Manangemnt

NEXT: this is not an acronym, it is just the word NEXT, meaning: following, coming right after.

BiSL® Next is therefore an up-to-date version of the successful BISL® and describes the framework of the next generation BiSL®.

BiSL® Next is a public domain standard for business information management with guiding principles, good practices and practical templates.

It offers guidance for digitally engaged business leaders and those who collaborate with them, with the ultimate goal to improve business performance through better use of information and technology.

BiSL® Next offers business managers, business information managers, business analysts, CIO’s and IT managers, as well as consultants insight in the best way to manage, execute and profit from business information management in their enterprise.

In a nutshell BISL Next provides the practitioners with a framework that will allow them to:

  • Optimise the management of business information
  • Drive the implementation of IT solutions which consider how the enterprise will manage its data in the future
  • Offer strategic direction on how to upgrade or utilise technology to optimally serve the business needs
  • Advise on effective and appropriate solutions to information gathering i.e. use of third part consultants
  • Ensure any proposed improvements, be it process, technology or methodology – provide benefit
  • Translate business strategy into clearly directed, value-driven and cost-effective IT projects

The framework:

Twelve elements – four drivers, four domains and four perspectives – are the basis of the guidance in BiSL® Next and supports the guidance for transforming enterprise data management:

  • The four activity domains:
    • Governance
    • Strategy
    • Improvement
    • Operation
  • The four perspectives:
    • Business
    • Data
    • Services
    • Technology
  • The four drivers:
    • Need
    • Value
    • Mission
    • Capability

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About the Author: Alejandro Debenedet is a Business and IT expert , autor and global speaker, resides in The Netherlands and has traveled the world engaging audiences both at events and trainings about IT Service Management, IT-CMF, BISL, the People Factor, Leadership and Digital Transformation. Alejandro is currently Managing Director at ITWNET and Digital Transformation Expert.

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